• "I was very satisfied with the work. Communication was alright and I think that we understood each other quite fast, which I need. Nice result and pleasant cooperation"

    Beáta, veselé borůvky.cz

  • "Thank you for good cooperation in the production of leaflets.I appreciate good work and measured approach to the things. I look forward to further cooperation."

    Tomáš Kožený, Dr. Adler

  • "We have worked with Mr.Filipovič to create the logo of our e-shop for complete satisfaction. We got superior service for reasonable price including ability to respond during the creation and multiple adjusts of selected options.Our best satisfaction expresses the fact that we will give priority to cooperation with Mr. Filipovič for further demands."

    Michal Jašpr,Chmely.cz

  • "We cooperate with Martin more than half year. We sometimes struggle with our clients and their visions and ideas like any other agency in this field. So it is not always easy for Martin. Anyway He always tries for the best results and client´s satisfaction. Martin always meet agreed deadlines and He does not have any ,,interruptions in communication" like any other freelancers. I can definitely recommend cooperation with Martin."

    Ing. Ondřej Prokop, Freshservices

  • "I liked the fact that you often responded and minor adjustments were made very quickly. I was little sorry about the first landing page Website destroyer He had suddenly gone completely other way but at the end it turned out to be okay.In the next Timestats I think that it much benefits that i had prepared WF and we called each other before we know the direction. Then the very first layout was good and it was just to finer details."

    Lukáš Marek, Wips.com